Android and a pizza

During discrete mathematics today the guy next to me mentioned that Google was doing a presentation. I glanced at one of the posters on my way to computer science tutorial and it only mentioned recruitment. I went anyway in the off chance an engineer would be there.

There wasn’t, but they did have a very charismatic recruiter. She opened with some questions about Google Doodles. The guy from discrete math got the first question but he picked a tout bag! I got the third question so I picked an android continuously posable action figure (aka a doll).

Once the proper presentation ended most people left but a few of us held back. I’m glad I did because we then started a very fun Q&A session. I must respect recruiters; they need to know a bit about everything their company does. There were bits and pieces of facts which got miss quoted or were not known but they were the minority.Once the Q&A was over we got to take the extra pizza home.

In the end I will not be applying for an internship. Japan Google has a program near identical to the north american one and does not require japanese (私には佰年早いです) both exactly what I’d want. I simply do not want to abandon the openprinting work or my freelancing projects.

Now in regards to openpriting I did ask her if an engineer would be doing a presentation any time soon. She said that she wanted to bring one up in February. She also asked if I had a preference, of course I asked for cloud printing.   I’m looking forward to that presentation.

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