Notes from Day 3 of UCalgary CPSC 585 Winter 2014

Arrived early. It is Saturday so traffic is low at 8:00 but the snow is still on the road. In calgary after a snow we get pseudo lanes which may more may not match the real lanes.
Saturday the 4th:

The PS4 has crashed and crashes after every startup.

We’re starting on physics at 9:10.


Types of representations:

  • Arbitraty mesh – NO
  • triange
  • convex hull – hard to make
  • simplified volume – boxes, shperes, cone, easy math
  • height field
  • implicit surface – spline, subsurface, but requirs transformation to trianges

Collision detection

  • Collision is inherent O(n^2)
  • Games are on average better and few things colide
  • Easy assumptions, static objects, etc

Discussed in more detail detection. Discussed some edge cases and their solutions.

Break taken just before 10:00.  Back at 10:04.

Driving physics.

  • Fun is the goal, not realism.
  • vehicle control interface should be the same for players and ai
  • have tunable numbers which may not match real physics

Brick prototype

  • gravity should be 2-3x real world
  • make a brick
  • map user input to forces on the brick

I did not take notes for this section, was working porting Phil’s work to linux. We took a break around 11:20. We’re examining Big Planet Racing’s driving model. At 11:50 we took a quick look at Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It’s 12:00 and we’re pausing for lunch.

We’ve come back at 13:00. We played need for speed for 11 minutes.

Driving AI continued.

You may be able to guess that I am not handling our driving handling. That’s Kyle’s job =)

Took break at about 14:25. Come back but the PS4 has broke and we cannot use NBA as an example at animation.

We’re not using animation but this subject is being covered to give us background.

At the end we had an hour to go over our project. We tried to simplify our game and concrete our goals.

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