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TINY METAL is releasing December 21st 2017!

Three years ago I started work on the code which would become TINY METAL. Now we are so very close to release on December 21st of 2017. The time is ticking down quick but I am proud of our work. We’ve worked hard and sacrificed over the years and now we have a game which in our play testing players have enjoyed tremendously.

So I figure now is a good time to show off some screenshots.


B8G8R8A8 instead of DXT1 in Unreal Engine 4

During development of TINY METAL I ran into issues where large textures were only using R8G8R8A8, aka 4 bytes per pixel, instead of DXT1 or another compression format. I wanted these textures to use DXT1 or another compression format to save space so the full 32bits per pixel was un-usable.

In our case the solution was the pad the images outside UE4 to be multiples of 4 pixels. Note that using the in UE4 “Power Of Two Mode” padding offered in the texture settings did not allow the images to use DXT1. Instead I was forced to resize the images outside unreal before importing them.

Happy 2017!

If you are on my site based on my Microsoft posts then I should maybe mention that I now work in the Japanese games industry. Its a pretty cool industry.

GSoC 2014 Friday Report #20

Todo list at start of Week

  • Implement the one remaining TODO
  • Debug “file too large” print bug
  • Explore dbus based on-demand starting
  • Create AppArmor profile
  • Create SELinux profile

Completed This Week

  • Implemented the one remaining TODO. Which was trailer support in chunk messages.
  • Fixed “file too large” print bug. Was caused by the libusb timeout.
  • Created AppArmor profile

Todo list at end of week

  • Address issues in system-config-printer which Tim found during review
  • Add a version number

Ya! IPPUSBXD is feature complete and debugged. After optimization the runtime cost has dwindled to 6M instructions for a complete load of the printer’s homepage.

After researching selinux I concluded the syntax is insane. The Apparmor profile syntax is clear and logical; it was easy to understand what Apparmor was restricting. Even large Apparmor profile like CUPSD’s were easy to read. SElinux just appears to be a bundle of abstraction and not something I want to deal with. The abstraction likely makes it easier to write SELinux profiles for experts but not something worthwhile for just one application.

Long term I would like to write a DBUS service for ippusbxd to reduce idle RAM usage.

This marks the end of full-time (or closer to part-time the past few weeks) on ippusbxd and the last time I’ll make a weekly update.

The tasks remaining are:

  1. Give ippusbxd a version number (Till asked for this)
  2. Address issues Tim found when reviewing the system-config-printer patches.

I’ll post a final blog post where I show off the GSoC shirt for this year once those tasks are done.