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I have worked, and or am working on 7 commercial games. Of which 2 were released, 2 are under development, and sadly 3 were canceled.


Publicly Announced Projects



Commercial product of AREA 35, INC.



Super Battlelands

Personal hobby project

Super Battlelands is a turn based strategy game with unit building and terrian capturing. Players must use their units wisely to amass a tactical and economic advantage against the opponnent.

Super Battlelands was made by me and Ren Phillips. I wrote all the code, including the AI, shaders, game engine, and game logic for Super Battlelands. I also handled map and game design. Ren Phillps handled 3d modeling.

The AI in Super Battlelands is essential to the player’s enjoyment and I spent significant thought and time on developing a world class AI.




Commercial product of BANDAI ENTERTAINMENT

On GUNDAM CROSS WAR I implemented the backend game logic, and the majority of card rules. CROSS WAR was a digital implementation of the simultaneously released card game of the same name. Players acquired cards by buying packs of physical cards then scanning a QR code on the back to register their new cards into the app. Each card contained complex rules and actions. Gameplay was similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone but with full determinism to allow for non-app play.

I stayed on the project through the release of “Char’s Counterattack“, the first expansion pack set.

Example of a high level card and its associated rules. In this case the first rule is: “During your turn, if one of your units kills an enemy unit through damage then apply 3 damage to the enemy mothership. If the destroyed enemy unit possess IronDan or Teiwazu attributes then apply 5 damage.”. The second rule is of the rule class armor and reads “During your turn, if this unit has not yet moved and it takes damage to kill it from an enemy then instead of applying this damage and killing this unit instead mark this unit has moved.” Note: pilots are special cards which can ride units. Pilots bring further complications to the rule interpretations.

Pixel Pirates (BITSUMMIT 2015 BUILD)

Hobby project of a friend

Pixel Pirates is a action platformer by the Hawken King’s Dadako. I provided additional programming by implementing the the conversations, inventory system, and all the shaders for the BITSUMMIT 2015 build.



Mass Driver for Gameboy

School project

Mass Driver is a shoot-em-up for the original Gameboy programmed using a unoffical C compiler.

It features progressive difficulty waves, mini-boss fights, and big boss fights. The enemy flight patterns are randomly selected and were all constructed from a single circle lookup table. The complete lack of multiplication instructions in the Gameboy’s z80 necessitated this lookup table technique.

Mass Driver was developed as a capstone style project for the University of Calgary’s special Retro gaming course. Mass Driver won my team the top prize for the course. I handled game play programming, and the simulation engine. I also provided the optimization work which kept the game running full speed.

Download the .gb ROM here

Kart Bounty

School project

Kart Bounty is an arena kart combat game inspired by the balloon fight mode in Mario Kart and the multiplayer arena car combat from IdTech’s RAGE. It was written in C++ with OpenGL and Bullet Physics. I wrote the core game engine and the physics integration.

Kart Bounty was developed as a group capstone project for the University of Calgary’s Game Programming Capstone course. This course was taught by EA developers from Vancouver and 8 students were permitted to participate per year.

See the source code here

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  1. Martin Grant

    Hi Daniel. I came across your site after you forked my TMXLoader on Bitbucket, first time someone had forked a repo of mine so I was quite curious!

    I see that you are working as a game developer in Tokyo and I wondered if I could ask you some questions about that? I visited Japan for a month in 2015 and am interested in living there for a while at some point.



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