Mid way point reached, xmlParse is ready for production

Around the 20th of June I told Till I wanted to finish up combo generation by the first of July and take twenty days to integrate xmlParse(my perl library) into DB.pm. I missed by first deadline and didn’t get to start integration until the ninth. Oddly enough here it is the twenty first and the lost known bug in xmlParse has been squashed, I ended up meeting my deadline anyway.

This is after testing the results of the foomatic 4 stable branch’s foomatic-compiledb script against the trunk’s xmlParse based one. Over 6.6k flat file ppds exactly the same, and a few different ones due to a change in how the maximum resolution of a pair is determined if a printer claims a lower resolution than the driver’s default.

This isn’t success for my GSoC project yet, but it is the biggest milestone. Over 7k lines of C (not even C++) replaced with 1k lines of Perl and 400 lines of data (xmlParse is enterprise-y in that the xmls are mapped to the internal perl data structure using data in the phonebook.pm lib).

Till has been a great mentor and really pushed me to get the job done right.

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