Final thoughts on GSoC 2011

Overall I am very happy with how my project progressed. The addition of xmlParse has reduced foomatic-db-engine by over 5500 lines of code, a 85% reduction. SqlLayer allows for near pyppd levels of performance for non-cups users. Perhaps most importantly I’ve grown as a programmer and am more familiar with our linux printing architecture.

A design decision I made early that I am especially proud of is With it I was able to write xmlParse and sqlLayer much more abstractly than their C and php counterparts, which meant a substantial reduced codebase . My only regret was not making phonebook even more general, it would have been a design challenge but I think it is possible. This might just be the second-system effect talking.

While GSoC 2011 may be over I do intend to participate throughout the school year. I have already assigned myself two feature requests[1][2] and I still have option name consistency to work on prior to the new semester. This summer’s work will ship in Foomatic 5.

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