Openprinting down due to hack at the linux foundation

I did not expect the Linux foundation service outage to last this long.

All our openprinting infrastructure is hosted by LF, thus for over a month we’ve been without mailing lists, IRC, bugzilla, and even the main code repository is down.

If my understanding of the outage is correct, nothing was lost per-say but instead they took the servers down as a precaution and are rebuilding everything clean.

This month’s teleconference was organized by simply CC’ing everyone. Till doesn’t have any place to upload the recording so that will be lost to time. The meeting notes are here:

The relevant section of Till’s email:

(2) OP Logistics – Recovery of OP web site (Till Kamppeter)

- Status of LF OP Infrastructure (Till)
  - No OP mailing lists

  - No OP web site

  - OP Wiki is working (but no images)

  - OP web site *server* should be back up by end of week (per LF staff)
    - Software and data backups then have to be re-installed

    - Web app (GSoC project) and download area are NOT backed up
      outside of LF infrastructure

    - Database itself and Foomatic backed up locally - part of Ubuntu

- Alternate OP mailing list (Ira)
  - Free-standing OP mailing list(s) outside LF infrastructure?

  - ACTION - Ira/Glen - create new Gmail OP mailing list
    (if OP mailing list still down in 2 weeks)

- Alternate OP FTP site (Ira)
  - Use FSG/OP subtree on PWG FTP site?

  - ACTION - All - suggest alternate FTP sites for current tarballs

- Alternate OP web site (Till)
  - Possible second site at Canonical for backup / availability?

  - Backup of databases, all applications, all reference code/specs

  - ACTION - Till/Lars - quickly pursue alternate OP host server

The wiki is back up, minus images, and it has my most recent edits to the frontpage. When bugzilla comes back I might finally have to fix those bugs I gave myself this summer.

2011-10-26 update: Mailing lists are back up.

2011-11-28 update: Bugzilla back up.

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