Pulling options from the sql db is done.

Thought I’d give an update to my Christmas plans. I ended up taking longer than just the Christmas break. I used the extra time to do some refactoring and cut the size of DB.pm by a thousand lines or so.

Filters will slowly be pulled from DB.pm and moved into a logical hierarchy within the new ‘filter’ directory. As it is now DB.pm is simply too large to wrap your head around. When I started this summer DB.pm was almost 10k lines. Since then it has slowly shrunk to 8k. Due to the size some dead code has built up.

An excellent example of this is get_javascript2() which the old openprinting website used. The funny part is that there is not get_javascript1() or get_javascript().

Oh and then there is comment_filter() which filters user input on a web page with regex. It actually works! Which is quite a feat considering the many got-ya’s with user input

My strategy right now is to remove the proper functionality into modules. My hope is that the dead code will then become more obvious.

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