Who is anon@anon.com?

If you’ve ever seen a comment by someone with this Gravatar, you’ve seen anon@anon.com.

I consider the email address one of those internet secrets. Most of the time you’ll see it commenting¬† on blogs. The commenters have something to say but want to avoid using their real email address.

I have no idea where the email address came from. I first used it on a whim without any expectation of a matching Gravatar. To my surprise who ever owns anon.com went to the bother of registering a Gravatar account. Thanks to this Gravatar icon I started noticing the address all over the internet. I can only assume other poster throughout the years have followed the same thought process to arrive at this one fake email address.

5 thoughts on “Who is anon@anon.com?

  1. Anon

    I would love to see the mailbox of anon@anon.com. Must be quite the interesting look into the behavior of internet goers who perfer to not have a face

  2. Anon

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been looking for an email address to use when I want to be (more) anonymous that won’t also end up cluttering another poor soul’s inbox in the future. (And I just had to test this out… :D)


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