How to gain root on HTM H10

The two cheap phones I ordered for porting Firefox OS have arrived. For far my favourite is the H10. This quick guide should also work for the HTM M1 with slight alterations.

This guide will show you how to install SuperSU and gain root. The entire process was easier than I anticipated.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Framaroot

Step 2: Copy the Framaroot apk to your phone

Step 3: Use your phone’s File Manager app to open the Framaroot apk you copied in step 2.


Figure for Step 3.

Step 4: Android will have you verify the permissions Framaroot has requested. For our usage because Framaroot will exploit a permission escalation vulnerability it has access to all permissions despite only requesting photos. For this reason you must only ever install apks from sources you trust.


Figure for step 4.

Step 5: My HTM H10 came with Android 4.2.2 which has an option to check apks against Google’s blacklist of apks. This blacklist should include Framaroot so you must select Disagree from the dialogue. In general this blacklist exists to protect us from malicious apps which might use the same exploit we need.


Figure for step 5. If you see this remember to select Disagree.

Step 6: Framaroot is now installed but has not performed the exploit. Press Open to run Framaroot.


Figure for step 6.

Step 7: As of writing the latest version of Framaroot is 1.8.1.apk. The only exploit version 1.8.1 knows which the H10 is still vulnerable against is the Boromir exploit. In the future Boromir should get fixed but new exploits should appear. Should must tap on the Boromir text to perform the exploit.


Figure for step 7.

Step 8: Congradulations! The exploit should have worked but you must reboot your phone for it to take effect.


Figure for step 8.

12 thoughts on “How to gain root on HTM H10

  1. danieru Post author

    Sorry Vladimir I don’t know. If you bought yours from a webshop you might be able to ask them for the firmware, if they do not already have it they may be able to ask the manufacturer.

      1. Nicolai

        I would like to know where to get the firmware for HTM H10.
        Thanks in advance

  2. Leonel

    my phone got stuck it doesn’t want to start up I entered recovery mode i did a factory reset to my HTM H10 and it did not work what can i do.

  3. Cybe

    Can you post a guide how to root HTM H10 to FireFox OS with thoroughly explanation and details.
    Your reply are kindly awaited.


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