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Minecraft image set #3

Inspired by my brother’s pig farm I built my own industrial ranch.

The sheep side


The cattle side


In minecraft you can breed animals with only two pieces of wheat. Since we have an industrial wheat farm it only makes sense to build an industrial cattle and sheep ranch.

Initial sheep population

Final sheep population

Final cow population

With so many sheep you can jump into the pen, fling the shears around like a wild man and come out with enough wool to build several houses. If you stay at it and keep the herd sheared you’ll soon have too much wool.

For very large values of too much.

In my case it was enough to build an inverted pyramid house.

An inverted pyramid made of wool

The pyramid is four stories high with an interior so plain I had to remove one of the floors to keep things interesting.

It has a nice view of the farm as well

Stop Mobs from spawning on trees in Minecraft SMP

I transfered my single player Minecraft world to my home server so that I could play survival multiplayer with my roommate. One major issue that I encountered was that hostile mobs started spawning on the top of trees. Normally this would not have been an issue except I happen to have a massive artificial forest in my main home, let’s call it a wildlife preserve. I happen to like my wildlife preserve but abhor the idea of creepers falling from trees killing me and damaging my precious forest. Luckily I found a Bukkit plug-in that stops mobs from spwaning on trees. Disaster averted.