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Play&Pause a XBMC remote app

I have a XBMC HTPC in my dorm room acting as my sound system. One annoyance I had in the past was a lack of proper remote control. At first I used a cheap Android Tablet bought from china but the incredibly short battery life on it made it impractical.

After dealing with those half-solutions I decided to create my own. Programmed in C++ Qt it can run on just about any platform but I targeted it for my meamo n900 and the meego emulator. It primraly works with the music player and features skip, play/pause, and volume control. The download: PlayAndPauseXBMC_2011-03-28.zip The zip contains the source, and binary builds for x86 and Maemo. Both my laptop and phone have the remote running 24/7 and I’m quite enjoying the convenience.