Christmas plans, get_option()

The openprinting bzr repositories are back up. The commit process has gotten a lot nicer. Prior I had to create a bzr bundle (a large diff) and upload that through logger head which would then commit the changes. Between our changelog, my local bzr, and the remote bzr, three commit messages were required per commit. With the new commit process I can commit from the command line (as it should be) and the commit messages are pushed automagically.

Fun fact: the changelog is the second largest file in the foomatic-db-engine repository. 5.5k lines and 10 years of commit documentation. I also made a bit of a mess of it before I noticed the  standardized commenting format. I blame gedit for not providing highlighting.

Over the Christmas break I intend to implement support in get_option() for sql backends. This is one of the two bugs I assigned to myself after the summer. Till would probably prefer I implement printer groups but sql support is a left over from the summer and it wouldn’t feel right to implement new features before I finished polishing my first feature.

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