WP UpdateAssistant launch

WordPress upgrades can be annoying. The upgrade itself is painless and wordpress devs have clearly put a lot of time and effort to make it so. The annoyance instead comes from the last one percent of the difficulty inherit in upgrading software. No matter how well the devs design, at the end of the day you have to manually initiate the upgrade.

Compared to what users of other content management systems have to go through to upgrade the complaint is perhaps petty. Still, if you have ten or more installs of wordpress to upgrade the monotone starts to get to you.

That is my motivation behind WordPress UpgradeAssistant

Once a webmaster has added their domains, UpgradeAssistant will check for outdated wordpress installs and highligh them in red. A link is provided directly to the wordpress upgrade panel for convenience.

No registration is required as everything is done client side.

Any bug reports, comments, or suggestions are much appreciated.

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