Microsoft Internship days 55 to 62

After PPSSPP shipped my key mapping commit I transitioned to more relaxed weekends. A bit too relaxed in that my blog posts have fallen three weeks behind. I am writing this 5 days away from my final day and two days from my final meeting with the recruiter. I am 90% sure they will have an offer for me. I have not made up my mind about accepting so it will depend on the offer and how far I can negotiate. Operating systems programming is what I think I want to do for the next five years but I will have to see how I can fit that into my life plan.

As per usual I have nothing unusual to report. Work was progressing well and I focused on my second project. This second project is largish and coolish, I am not sure if I have mentioned it yet. No intern events that I remember.

What I can report are these various photos I got over the week.


Redmond was enduring a heatwave so I took an alternative route through a forest to work. Said forest is in Microsoft campus’s centre and is next to the visitor centre. The visitor centre is where my new employee orientation was held.


I went shopping the day before and bought a box of 100 freezes. I resorted to making freeze “salads”. After microwaving the salad I decided things were getting a bit silly and had some tea.

After a long 6 week wait my SSN card arrived. My roommate says his SSN only took 2 weeks and my recruiter had never heard of such a long wait. It was worrying but did arrive with plenty of time so no harm no foul. Still combined with my missed flight caused by US immigration all my interactions with the US government have been worse than hoped for.


On the way to work I stopped by the bank to register my SSN. Microsoft was holding a take your child to work day and the commons (Microsoft’s largest cafeteria) was packed with families. On the soccer field in front of the commons they arranged these kid attractions. The guy in the lower left was being interviewed and appeared to be talking about university recruitment and work life balance.


New Microsoft cups! No functional changes just a new color scheme.

Update 2013-10: If you are still interested please consider reading through the overview of my internship.

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