Overview of my 2013 Microsoft Internship

To summarize the internship: It was fun!

More details to be found the in the posts below.


Application: T-Shirt and a Soda

First interview rounds: My Microsoft internship university campus interview experience

Second interview rounds: My Microsoft internship interviews in Redmond


Flight to Redmond: Flight to Microsoft

Day 0: Invasion of Nintendo America’s campus

Day 1: Intern at Microsoft day #1

Days 2 to 12: Microsoft Internship days 2 to 12

Days 13 to 19: Microsoft Internship days 13 to 19

Days 20 to 33: Microsoft Internship days 20 to 33

Days 34 to 40: Microsoft Internship days 34 to 40

Days 41 to 47: Microsoft Internship days 41 to 47

Days 48 to 54: Microsoft Internship days 48 to 54

Days 55 to 62: Microsoft Internship days 55 to 62

Days 63 to 70: Microsoft Internship days 63 to 70

Days 71 to 77: Microsoft Internship Final Week

I must apologise, I am sure there is at least one off by one error in my day counting.

Also in case you’ve noticed the url, somehow I confused my internship for being in 2012 when I first wrote the post. Just to confirm: my internhsip took place during summer 2013.

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