Microsoft Internship days 13 to 19

Three weeks down and one fourth of the internship is complete. This week was less production than I hoped, it feels like everyday I had something to distract me. Still coding wise the week ended on a high point.

Day 13

Church was nice and only a 15 minute walk. Later in the day I went shopping. So far it appears one trip a week can last a good week with some surplus.

Day 14

Monday morning I double checked my bag for my paper work and bussed over to the Social Security Office. At the Social Security Office you have to take a ticket and wait. The wait took less than an hour and I was back on Mirosoft campus in time for the weekly Devices and Networking Team(DNT) lunch. It was nice to get the last of my immigration paper work done.

Day 15

Tuesday the 21st was the new Xbox’s announcement. I can say the true surprise of the morning was the name. Of all the the name rumours none had come close “Xbox One”. My favourite of these rumours had been the “Xbox Infinity”. The abrupt flip from innumerable to 1 was the event’s only present twist. I never intended to buy an Xbox but I expected at least one feature to make me envious.  Instead the entire device looks like Microsoft leveraging a successful product to capture another market. It looks like the bluechip Microsoft is winning against the “cool” Microsoft by trading in Microsoft’s coolest product for a DVR.

In all the monring felt like a waste. Three months after Sony’s Playstation 4 reveal I expected to see much more infromation. Microsoft could have saved us all time and posted a simple press release.

Days 16 & 17

These two work days were consumed with a Windows bootcamp for Interns. Two days of lectures which I am not sure were worth the time. All of the talks were interesting in some respect. Most had no applicability to this summer’s work but I assume were intended to give everyone a taste for the Windows organization as a whole. On the plus side I won a copy of Windows Internals the sixth edition.  Between the two large tomes there are no sections on printing.


I am not sure I wanted these but I cannot give up a chance to win things. I waited until it was clear no one else was going to answer the question.

Afterwards I read Anandatech’s articles on AMD’s new CPUs. Since I will be investing again in a new PC after the internship I need to update my parts knowledge. A lot has changed since I built my workstation in 2009.

Day 18

Beyond a personal project and this blog post today will consist of catching up on anime. Between some shows from last season and this season’s best shows I have plenty to keep me entertained.

Update 2013-10: If you are still interested please consider reading through the overview of my internship.

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