Microsoft Internship days 2 to 12

Days 2 to 5

More computer setup and meetings. At one point I overwrote my main worksttion’s operating system with Hyper-v Server by mistake. I thought “Hyper-v Server” meant a server daemon or, in windows terms, a service, terms for programs which run forever. Instead it was a complete stand-alone operating system. This mistake meant reinstalling Windows 8 and every dev tool.

My commute consist of a 30 minute walk from the north west tip of microsoft campus to the south east corner. My japanese study fits perfect into this timeslot. Last semester there was no appropriate timeslot and study often got pushed so late that it delayed bedtime. Next year my university commute will require a 40 minute bus & train ride which will see similar use. So while I was annoyed at the prospect of losing 1,5 hours of the day this time should go to good use.

West side of Bellvue Meadows looking towards the pond

Starting my commute twenty steps outside my door. Bellevue Meadows is about a block long but exits across the street from Microsoft campus.

Bridge within microsoft campoous next to honeywell offices

Mid way through the commute I cross the highway along a bridge that looks nothing like a bridge. The bridge looks like a simple continuation of the other tree lined roads which make up Microsoft campus.


It is only when walking across the bridge that the highway flowing underneath becomes visible.

Microsoft building 27

I have to be thankful that Redmond is not always overcast or raining because when it is not the sun paints everything beautiful. These buildings also serve as the end of my morning commute.


Days 6 & 7: the first full weekend

I got almost nothing done on saturday beyond catching up on missed anime.

Sunday me and david took the B line bus to walmart. We stuffed both backpacks and two oversized grocery bags with household items and food. The MEC backpack my dad helped select saved my back for the second time. The first time I overloaded it being the first monday, also with groceries. This shopping trip the bag held every heavy item we bought and kept the weight off my shoulders.

Days 7 to 12

At some point this week it rained in Seattl. I do not remember which day but the rain was light. Compared to Calgary rain which either does not exist or comes as a downpour this week’s rain was a drizzle. A few days were overcast but nothing worth wearing my coat for.

Overcast view from my office

Overcast view from my office

On the 21st, the 15th day on my internship, Microsoft will announce the new Xbox. Even within Microsoft all developers who might know anything have been sealed off into special buildings. In preparation for the event Microsoft has built a tent over the main soccer field. The soccer field itself is in the middle of Microsoft’s new Studio buildings. It is within these buildings that Microsoft is developing the Xbox. While I do not plan to purchase an xbox I am exited at the prospect of a new hardware generation. Rumors also purport that my favorite game maker will announce the next version of my favorite game, Fallout 4. As time ticks down I am hoping Microsoft will provide an internal video stream or maybe even an employee event.

Microsoft xbox announcement tent

Future site of the xbox announcement. Photo taken 8 days before the announcement.

So far I am making an effort to attend every possible meeting but this does mean little besides meetings occurs on fridays. The meetings tend to end on time and stay on topic so they are at the least predictable. In every meeting there was a well defined goal and the meeting organizer always kept  discussion on topic. If you must have meetings then this is the way to do so.

The big event this summer is a contest sponsored by Microsoft’s Phone division  This contest, Apphack 2013, is about developing “innovative” applications for windows phone 8. Before the judging rules were post David and I were going to create a html5 platformed  We recruited another intern David met, Jay. The three of us were pretty excited until the judging rules got posted. While the rules do not forbid using html5 which was one of my worries, they do specify a scoring criteria which leaves our platformer no room for victory, Today, the 11th day, we are meeting to discuss our options  Either developing our platformer, switching to a more “innovative” idea, or working together on an unrelated idea.

This second week occured fast. I feel more comfortable with the software and my summer project has been decided on. On Friday, day 11, I borrowed a printer and started writing a simple stress testing program. All small steps towards my projects but it feels nice to be making measurable progress.

Microsoft intern 2013 office

My office as of Friday of second week.

Update 2013-10: If you are still interested please consider reading through the overview of my internship.

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