GSoC 2014 Friday Report #4

Todo For This Week

  • Hack udev-config-printer to startup ippusbd
  • Decide if ippusbd should be a separate package or part of cups-filters as Till suggested
  • Switch to automake if ippusbd is to be part of cups-filters

Completed This Week

  • Added http handling, does not support chunked transport or session reuse
  • Looked at automake, not as bad as its reputation
  • Setup Travis CI
  • Setup Coverity, which has already caught two tricky bugs

Todo Next Week

  • This time I’ll add basic usb connecting
  • Refactor to segregate http specific structs from the generic message and packet structs

I have proven one thing over these four weeks: I cannot make a good weekly todo list. This week had fantastic progress yet it was on the complete opposite side of ippusbd from the usb handling I promised.

Next week should bring initial USB support but I expect proper basic USB handling to take two weeks. USB is a new area for me and I can only expect delays.

One thing I have decided on is I want ippusbd to be a stand-alone package. Till suggested merging ippusbd into the cups-filters package which would work but I want to take on the responsibility of maintaining my code long-term. In either case it should help adoption of printer under linux if a complete IPP print path can be installed without traditional filters, which a sperate ippusbd is a part of. Our full print stack is too heavy for distros like Android or Chromeos but IPP only might be light enough.

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