GSoC 2014 Friday Report #9

Todo For This Week

  • Add back the size finding code
  • Release usb interface when we know a complete message has left the printer
  • Fill out Google Summer of Code mid-term evaluation

Completed This Week

  • Main loop and USB now again inspect packet size, tcp not yet
  • USB interface is now acquired then released before and after every HTTP request and response
  • GSoC mid-term evaluation completed and passed

Todo Next Week

  • Get new printer working group website in shipable state
  • Do not touch ippusbxd codebase

About a year ago I started work on the new printer working group website.  The website is close to ship-able so next week’s work will be getting the new site in shape for approval to go live.

Then the week afterwards I can return to the ippusbxd without this burnout. For the past 3 weeks I’ve worked over the weekend to maintain a streak of acivity on my github profile. I thought I was being productive, an reaction to the time I didn’t do anything for two days. In hindsight skipping weekends may have burned me out a bit. After this short break I promise not to skip weekend breaks.

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