GSoC 2014 Friday Report #10

Todo For This Week

  • Get new printer working group website in shipable state
  • Do not touch ippusbxd codebase

Completed This Week

  • Finished the todo list for the new PWG website
  • Only touched ippusbxd once

Todo Next Week

  • Make tcp.c support and require known http size
  • Fix atleast %50 of the TODOs
  • Figure out how ippusbxd should fit in with udev-configure-printer

Perhaps the biggest news this week was I got approved from the Linux Foundation for travel funding. So thank you to the Linux Foundation’s members, this will save a decent chunk of the GSoC stipend from going to travel and hotel costs.

After the week off I’m looking forward to working again on ippusbxd. The codebase is in workable prototype stage and I’ve got 2 months to make it robust.

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