GSoC 2014 Friday Report #14

Todo This Week

  • Fix the rest of the things

Completed This Week

  • Printer’s embedded website now works 100%
  • Submitting print jobs now works 100%

Todo Next Week

  • Start integrating ippusbxd with usb-config-printer
  • Nail down sub topics for presentation on Monday
  • Create slides
  • Practice presentation 3 times
  • Send Ira slides
  • Ask Ira if the projector uses HDMI
  • Ask Eric for permission to relicense

Awesome success this wekk. Everything works and the driver itself is pretty rock-solid. Perfect to demo at the OpenPrinting Summit / Printer Working Group Face2Face / 3D Printing Birds-of-a-feather.

I’ve also decided to relicense under Apache 2.0. I still like strong copyleft but I might as well compromise on my principles since it might get ippusbxd into more platforms. Who knows? Maybe Microsoft will ship it in Windows.

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