GSoC 2014 Friday Report #17

Todo This Week

  • Test udev-configure-printer changes
  • Send patch to Till on Sunday or Monday
  • Fix “file too large” print error in ippusbxd
  • Make ippusbxd respect vid, pid, and serial arguments

Completed This Week

  • Path sent to Till
  • Completed all but one TODO
  • Ippusbxd now respects vid, pid, and serial

Todo Next Week

  • Implement the one remaining TODO
  • Debug auto condif
  • Debug “file too large” print bug
  • Explore dbus based on-demand starting

I hope no one minds if I continue friday reports until I’m happy with the debugging. I passed the final GSoC checkpoint (thanks James!). We have a few weeks until Ubuntu freezes for release but I hope to get everything solid in a week or two.

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