GSoC 2014 Friday Report #16

Todo This Week

  • Practice presentation 2 more times
  • Attend OpenPrinting Summit in Toronto
  • Present ippusbxd at summit
  • Make udev-configure-printer startup ippusbxd on printer plugin
  • Make udev-configure-printer create cups queue for printer
  • Make udev-configure-printer edit any exisiting queue’s uri to match new port number on re-insertion

Completed This Week

  • Attended and presented at OpenPrinting Summit
  • Wrote code for all needed udev-configure-printer functionality

Todo Next Week

  • Test udev-configure-printer changes
  • Send patch to Till on Sunday or Monday
  • Fix “file too large” print error in ippusbxd
  • Make ippusbxd respect vid, pid, and serial arguments

Hello from several thousand feet in the air! I’m writing this on my flight back from the OpenPrinting Summit. It was a awesome to meet so many people from the printer industry. Everyone had awesome stories and it was nice to chat about the printing world.

I’m pretty sure everyone there had more programming experience than I’ve been alive. So thanks for putting up with my reckless behavior like not checking that the alarm before going to bed.

I’ve written a good volume of code over the week to enable startup of ippusbxd through udev rules. This meant extending the existing udev-configure-printer to detect ippusb printers, startup ippusbxd, and disable & enable ippusb print queues. Most of this is string manipulation so writing it was easier than ippusbxd’s complex http state machine and usb & tcp handling. Thus I managed to churn out about 500-800 lines despite ippusbxd’s 1300 lines have taken all summer.

I need to get the working udev-configure-printer patch to Till within a day or two so he has time to push it before feature freeze. I still must test and debug my patch but I think I will make that deadline.



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